“If you write…”

“If you write one page per day, by the end of a year you will have finished a screenplay or novel”

2014 approaches.

All New Year’s goals will be based around the theme of speed.

Fitness goal: Increase running speed by doing speed drills and adding mileage.

Home goal: Speed through weekend cleaning by doing small cleaning chores throughout the week.

Writing goal: 1 page per day. This is where you, wee blog, come in. I will be posting something every day, whether it be from my screenplay, a writing exercise, or just a silly poem I made up. Writing every day will inevitably speed up finishing my screenplay.

Romance goal: Speed up defensive to offensive chess until I checkmate Ryan.

Yoga goal: Do yoga more often and flow into forearm stand.

Organization goal: Speed up frequency of sewing and vanquish giant mending pile.

Creative goal:Speed through editing photo shoots by just picking a few photos to edit instead of the entire shoot.


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