Recording the Win

So often in life we record the bads, the days that don’t work, the times we’re frustrated, the moments when people disappoint us. As I was reading Real Simple this month I was struck by the idea of making a Victory Log each day. This is “a list of everything you’ve accomplished that day, including small acts of kindness and good choices.”

This really struck me because it would be a self-feeding list. If I’m recording when I opened the door for the lady with two kids, or the jogger I waved at I am more likely to continue doing these things, and begin looking for them. It would also be a better meter for life than a diary list of grievances if you are looking back.

Since I try to write down a few things every night to accomplish the next day, adding a tally of things I did to make others lives better or good choices I made that day would be a nice way to wrap up today and remember the wRight.Now before moving on to the tomorrow.


Recording the Win

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