Be the Best

I have a 5-year journal where you give a one sentence answer to a prompt every day for 5 years. This one really struck me; if you could be the best at anything, what would it be?

Maybe I’m crazy, but I have a hard time pinpointing one thing that I would like to be the very best at. I have so many things I like to do and so many things I want to explore. If you had asked my high school sophomore self I would have said soccer; I haven’t touched a soccer ball in a decade. If you had asked me after my first art history class I would have said an art historian; I love art history but realized I didn’t want to spend my days in an office.

Maybe the goal of the question is to show you how much you’ve changed over 5 years, but it brings up the feeling I get when someone asks what I’m planning to do with my life, like you have to pick 1 thing and stick with it. I feel like that’s unfair since so many people change jobs and careers all the time. Why do we have to settle for one thing?

Why not be the best at everything we do?


Be the Best

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