Out with the New!

Welcome to 2014!

It seems like everyone spends the New Year thinking of all the new things they could or should be doing and how they are going to upgrade their life. Instead of ‘out of the old’ and ‘in with the new’, maybe we should be saying ‘out with the new’ and ‘in with the old’!

For me, that means sending birthday cards again.  I skipped sending cards last year because I got tired of being the only one (besides my mom and grandparents) who sent cards, but I think it’s a shame.  I may not be able to send money in the cards but it’s nice to get that card in the mail.  Or, at least, I like to think it’s a nice thing. I know I enjoy getting cards.

People say the post office is dead, but I don’t understand why. Yes, I love email and the internet and my smart phone, but there is still something really nice about getting a card or magazine or letter in the mail.  Yes, I exchange letters. I think writing letters is an amazing way to stay in touch; it is tangible proof that you mean enough to someone for them to write a letter to you.

You know, I have more to say, but that last sentence made me miss my grandma. I’m going to write her a letter. Bye.


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