Viewed: Don Jon

So I watched Don Jon last night and I was struck by a couple of things.

1: This would have made a horrible date night movie. Five minutes in and there would have been no way you were holding hands.

2: I don’t understand Jersey.

3: Don Jon took pride in his apartment and car and kept them clean; to the point that he defended his right to clean by saying he enjoyed it. One thing I have always wanted is someone to clean my apartment, notably to do my dishes. It is the most mundane task and I rather hate it. But I’m going to try to adopt the idea that I’m not just doing boring dishes, I’m taking pride in my home. I don’t think that will extend to my car since it’s old and I refuse to pay to wash it every week.

4: The sister is fantastic. They did a great job of during her throughout the movie never talking. Then, at the very end, she talks and it’s great. It isn’t overdone, it isn’t too long, and the delivery is excellent.

5: GTL or gym, tan, laundry is still my favorite Jersey thing. I love that Bones introduced this to me. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up. Visiting certain LA spots really shows how, for some people, gtl is a legit thing. Maybe it’s because I’d rather read a book but Bones is spot on when she says it’s like another culture.

Watching parts of this were like watching Blue Valentine, amazing movies, but tricks going in because you don’t quite realize what they’re about. Even the posters act like it’s a rom com, and while there are definite elements like that, it doesn’t end the way it’s supposed to.


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