Spring Cleaning, with Flowers

Spring Cleaning, with Flowers

Apartment Therapy does what is called a “January Cure” where you go through your home (in my case apartment) and spruce up and organize your place based on a monthly schedule. Click the link above to check it out. I looked doing it last year but never got around to  it.  Even though I’m coming late to the party (January is basically over) I’ve decided to go ahead and take the cleaning plunge (notably since I still have Christmas decorations up).

The first step is making a list of the things you would like to organize/change/fix.

* * *
Easily done. The next step is to buy flowers, thoroughly clean all your floors, and stock up on green cleaners.
Eh… It’s late at night and I’m not feeling the floor cleaning. I have laundry going and that will occupy me once it’s done, so I will save the 2nd task for another day!
The real purpose of this post is that I think flowers are something people should buy more often. I grow flowers on my patio and cut them regularly to display inside. If anyone is looking for a lovely addition, Lavender makes an excellent garden plant: it keeps spiders away, the flowers are edible, the leaves are versatile for cooking, it looks gorgeous, and the flowers smell wonderful.
In addition I like to buy flowers from a local flower shop– they sell a bunch of daisies for $5 and I am always cheered up by having the fresh bouquet in the house. My favorite flower to have around is a lily. They smell divine and are lovely in shape and color. Just be warned if you have a cat that eats plants– lilies are poisonous to pets. Luckily my cat has eyes only for cat grass and leaves my flowers alone.
When I go over to friend’s places I rarely see flowers, or plants at all. I think it’s a real shame since bringing nature inside really brightens your day and often leaves an amazing aroma. I’ve even given flowers to female friends on their birthday’s and they seem bewildered, like they don’t know what to do with the flowers.
Anyways, I’m glad my Spring Cleaning Cure starts with flowers. If it’s still winter where you live, bring some nature inside to keep you company while you clean, or hibernate. You deserve it.

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