Theater Thursday

So I’ve decided to start a segment on my blog called Theater Thursday where I discuss a movie, movie logistics, a beautiful theater, something along those lines. (You know, give my 3 readers something to actually read every week.)

I am on USC’s campus almost every Wednesday night and they play an open to the public film and I like to check them out. I’ve see some really great films and docs… And I’ve seen some really terrible ones.

The one I went to tonight, and left after 30 minutes, was Romania’s selection to submit to Cannes, the Toronto film festival, and had a bunch of other things listed in the “why to see this movie” bit of the description.

I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it’s because I’m married to a cinematographer or because I script supervise for a living, but it don’t have patience for shoddy camera work. It’s not artsy to me, it’s just poor craft, and I have no desire to watch it. At all. So you will not be getting a review of Child’s Pose from me. I’ll have something better next week (hopefully).


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