Will You Be My Friend?

So I’m looking at some of these ‘writing prompt’ things and many of them have you harken back to school days.  Meh.

One of the things that always sticks with me when I think of some of the friends I’ve had is people’s willingness to share.  When I moved to a new city in 5th grade one of my first friends became so when she gave me a fancy pencil. (You know the kind, they had the lovely wrappers in colorful paper) It was such a strange act that I immediately wanted to be this girl’s friend.  Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest, but the idea of sharing something like that was unbelievable.

Another time I was having a really bad day and a friend gave me their last Oreo.  This was not a guy who was skinny or the sort who shared his Oreo’s to begin with, but to give someone your last Oreo, that’s friendship.  That, to me, is altruism. He got nothing but my thanks and the knowledge that he’d made my lousy day better.  It wasn’t that he’d shared something he had plenty of, or something that he didn’t want; no, he gave up his last Oreo.  Who does that?  Has anyone else out there gotten the last of a dessert because someone else saw that you were sad?



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