Writers Groups


A sense of belonging.

Practical, helpful feedback.

Does anyone belong to any writers groups? I’m really itching to join one, because I feel like when you are surrounded by fellow writers you tend to improve. Being in a creative environment tends to improve your own creativity, and when I have been around other writers I’ve always found something that will improve my own writing to boot.

The question is where to find these collaborations. I’ve just joined or asked to join about 5 Facebook groups, but these seem more like they will be helpful on the inspiration front rather than the nitty gritty writing front. I have some friends in LA who are part of writing groups, and the groups seem to really help them. Nothing keeps you motivated and going forward like steady deadlines and looking like you aren’t making progress in front of your peers!

At least that’s my take. The real gem, though, is the feedback. I’ll ask my husband for his opinion, but all I get is that everything is great. Let’s be honest, while that’s nice to hear, it’s unrealistic and doesn’t help me improve.

Does anyone have any online alternatives for feedback? Any success or horror stories of writing groups?

So far this guy is the second member of my writing group.image


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