Trainwreck Anything But

lebronWhat a treat!  I got to see a sneak peak of Trainwreck at USC yesterday, and I was glad to see my expectations were met– the movie was funny. Yes, some parts felt more like an impromptu stand up by Amy, but not everything was an easy joke.  There was a lot of well-thought-out humor, as well as just some funny one-liners.  The ending was a little cheesy in the lets-not-be-a-trainwreck-moments, but overall it was adorkable and you leave with a lot of warm fuzzies.


Tilda Swinton was a surprise treat in the film, as was Daniel Radcliffe.  Both were understated running jokes that were absolutely spot on.

LeBron James did a great job, excellent directing for everyone throughout the film.  They did a great job keeping what seemed like his personality, while also trying to dispel stereotypes and show the complexity of athletes– who we often dismiss as just being focused on one thing.


I liked how this film turned a lot of rom-com tropes on its head.  From our heroine being the commitment-phobe while her boyfriend wants to be the one to cuddle, to the ending (which I won’t spoil) the film did a nice job of touching on what could have been offensive issues without offending anyone. While the film may not 100% pass the Bechtel test– Amy’s conversations with her friend all center around sex (which is what the film is about after all!) seem genuine for the most part.  The only other female in Amy’s life is her boss, and while they discuss work, it is generally focused around the article being written about the doctor. Her conversations with her sister focus on the sisters family and their father– true to family, but sometimes feeling more forced into the story than realistic. All in all, I love the treatment of women, the refusal to judge Amy for being free with her sexuality, and the many many funny (and very true) things that are said and brought up in the film.

Definitely put this film on your go-see list.


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