#27 – I just submitted my writing


Boom. That’s not just a check off the list, that’s a bomb that just exploded all over my brain. I just submitted a spec script I wrote the the NBC writer’s on the verge and the Warner Bros writing workshop fellowships. Yeah.

Now, the odds of anything happening are .001%, but that’s not why I’m jazzed. I’m jazzed because I wrote something and turned it in. I kept a commitment to myself and I feel proud. Damn proud. I’m not ashamed of my spec. Could it be better? Probably. Did I work my ass off to get it done and make it as polished as I could? You bet. Did I learn a lot in this process? For sure.


So a bottle of presecco just went in the fridge because today marks the day I made the first real, concrete steps towards becoming a writer:

I submitted my spec to fellowships.

I registered a script with the WGA.

Next up: write an original pilot.

That’s the real doozy. The one that will really get you noticed (if people like it) and the one that excites me a lot more. It’s also what I’ll need for next year, when I’m able to submit to all the fellowships and not just the one’s accepting spec scripts.


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