Darebee = Dare You to Be


So there’s this website, called Darebee that has tons of free workouts. While not revolutionary on its own (even though the workouts have really interesting titles), what really makes this a Something Neat is that the site has different 30/60/90 day challenges, and you can check off a box each day you complete a workout.


That’s amazing, right? AND all of their workouts are free. Free. No subscription, no cost to get the best, made-for-you, tried and true plan. Nope, just simple things you can do at home to give you somewhere to start if you aren’t sure where to begin. I love it.



Something Neat

So on the Scriptnotes podcast (which you should 100% be listening to if you’re a screenwriter) they do a little segment at the end of every episode entitled “One Cool Thing.” So every week, they’re finding something cool or neat or informative in their lives and sharing it with others. It’s like Show and Tell for grownups, and it got me thinking.

Why don’t we all try to find one new cool thing every week? Why not try to dig around in this world of ours or pay a little more attention to what’s happening around us? So I’m going to start adding in a Something Neat segment as an easy way to reliably post and just find more cool things out there for myself.

So, onto today’s Something Neat:

@commontreesofla just tickles me every time I see it in my Instagram feed. It’s quite new, and doesn’t have loads of followers yet, but I love it. The creator, Stephanie (who I do not know) just wanders around the city of LA and photographs and labels the trees. So you get an explanation of the tree, how to identify it, and a neat little factoid about it. I’m basically in love with it.