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So, as promised, (and better late than never) here are my thoughts on my Whole 30 experience. This was my second time doing it, and I stuck with it a lot more. I was still not, how would you say– perfect– by any stretch of the imagination, but it really worked for me. And check mark for the 30 in 330 goal!

I felt great. Eating good foods really does mean you feel good. Take a look at some of these beauties. I invested in a spiralizer and I satisfy all my pasta cravings with zoodles and suffer zero guilt. I actually meal planned while on the Whole 30, and that was both a lesson in itself and really helpful for not just eating crap.


But the biggest help was starting an Instagram account to document my progress. Originally it had a whole 30 title but I’ve since changed it to @TravelingPaleo to continue to motivate me in my fitness and health goals.

I lost 5-7 lbs during the month, and so far I’ve mostly maintained that. On the left is the After photo and on the right is the Before photo. It’s amazing how much of a difference even 5 pounds can make in how you feel, how your clothes fit, and your overall motivation to keep working out and staying the course.


I’m trying to adopt more of a paleo lifestyle and eat less carbs and try to fill up on veggies, but it’s harder without the full all-or-nothing mentality. It was very difficult when I visited my mom over the weekend (I did not come from a veggie friendly family).  But I’ve stuck with it.

Have you ever tried a diet fad? Tried to figure out what makes you feel like you’ve got ‘tiger’s blood’? What’s your best health tip?


Get Out and DO!

So I came across this challenge: http://30-in-330.blogspot.com/  where the goal is to complete 30 goals within the remaining 330 days of the year. I found it via Habitica (love that goal getting app!) And my list, in no particular order:

  1. Run and PR in a half marathon
  2. Write a pilot script
  3. Pet a hippo
  4. Script Sup another feature
  5. Take pictures with film camera
  6. Set up my fish tank
  7. Host kombucha tasting party
  8. Lose 10 pounds
  9. Do month of Whole 30
  10. Get my bartending license
  11. Do a handstand
  12. Make homemade tiramasu
  13. Hike up a mountain
  14. Read 12 books
  15. Paint under bar area in kitchen with gold design
  16. Give up alcohol for one week
  17. Consolidate sewing pile to one bin
  18. Write a screenplay
  19. Repair picnic table
  20. Eat epic meal
  21. Finish darkroom painting
  22. Play a song on violin
  23. Organize GMedia equipment
  24. Make Julia Childs recipe
  25. Do a pull up
  26. Do a boudoir photo shoot
  27. Apply to writing fellowships
  28. 30 days of sex
  29. Buy queen size bed
  30. Go on a weekend getaway

More later as I actually go through each item and my plan to accomplish it!

Salad Dressings

I’m in the market for a fabulous new salad dressing container to store my homemade salad dressings.  So I pop on down to my local Target and look in the kitchen area.  I find the perfect bottle; not too big, not too small, and it’s just skinny enough to fit in my over-condimented fridge.  The only problem?  It has no lid.  None of them do.  Either they do not come with a seal for the top, or someone played a very mean prank and stole all the lids from the containers! I really felt like I was in a pickle since the salad dressings container had a bevvy of delicious recipes along the side, and who doesn’t want recipes at the ready?

Needless to say I bought a different container.  Not sealing a dressing seems like a quick route to disaster, but I thought I would share the recipes here, so we can all enjoy them. (Yeah, I took pictures like a weirdo while in Target so I could save the recipes.)

french vinaigrette

French Vinaigrette

2 oz olive oil

4 oz rice wine vinegar

2 tbsp mixed parsley

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp sugar

Pinch of salt and pepper

creamy caesar

Creamy Caesar

2 oz non-fat grated parmesean cheese

4 oz non fat plain yogurt

1 egg yolk

1 tsp worcestershire sauce

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp anchovy paste

Dash of salt and pepper

italian herb

Italian Herb

6 oz balsamic vinegar

3 tbsp olive oil

3 tsp dried basil

3 tsp ground oregano

3 tsp ground thyme

Dash of salt and pepper

citrus ginger

Creamy Citrus Ginger

2 oz non fat plain yogurt

4 oz orange juice

2 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp ground pepper

Dash of salt

honey mustard

Honey Mustard

6 oz rice wine vinegar

6 tsp honey

6 tsp hot chinese mustard

3 tsp vegetable oil

Pinch of salt and pepper

sesame scalion

Sesame Scallion

2 oz apple juice

4 oz rice wine vinegar

2 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tsp sugar

2 diced scallions

I ended up with this container, and while I am happy with it, it doesn’t have the assortment of recipes.  Only three.  But it has the fabulous swivel feature, which I think we can all appreciate how fun that makes salad.  *push whizz whizz*



Leftovers… for so many people it’s such a dirty, hated word.  I was out to lunch with a friend and suggested what she was eating would make good leftovers.  That was one of those times in life I wish was a movie, because the face she made would have been an amazing photo.

Before marrying my husband, I too was a leftover hater.  Now, however, I am a huge fan of leftovers.  The trick is to cook them properly. (It also helps if you start out with good food.  Growing up the food was burnt to begin with, and it’s hard to improve on something that already tastes bland.) Using the oven or stove top when possible will always mean better taste than cooking in the microwave.  If you do have to microwave, adding a bit of water or butter will help keep food moist or add flavor, respectively.

This week has been a trial on even me.  My husband came home with an entire tray of Spanish Rice from a shoot.  An. Entire. Tray. A person can only eat so much rice, right?

Please note that this photo is not an accurate depiction of our rice tray. (I’m still working on taking pics for the blog.  I’ll get better.) Our tray of rice was one of the very rectangular, very long trays. At first, I was dismayed.  How could we possibly eat that much rice? Especially since we just made a giant batch of white rice to use as leftovers?  My dismay was not going to eat the rice, so I decided to accept this challenge and get creative. My first step was taking a container of rice over to a friend’s house. That left us with one gallon bag and three tupperware’s left. (Think about that for a moment.  A gallon bag.  A medium sized contaner.  A medium sized container.  A medium sized container. That’s a lot of rice.)

The following list is what I’ve made with the white rice:

rice + raisins + cinnamon + milk = warm breakfast rice cereal

rice + crab + butter crackers + egg = crab cake stuffed salmon rolls

++add Spanish rice as a side

rice + soy sauce + peanut butter + egg + shrimp = shrimp fried rice

With the Spanish rice:

rice + ground beef + beef grease + skillet fry = amazing beef rice

++ add beef rice to bell peppers and you have a delicious meal

rice + lettuce + cheese + salsa + corn tortillas = vegetarian tacos

rice + black beans + ground beef + lettuce + tortilla chips + lime juice = delicious taco salad

We’ve been doing slight variations on the tacos and salad, but almost every meal has contained rice this week. These are the “recipes” that are more innovative ways to use rice.  Rice has been a side dish to fish or chicken as well, but that’s obvious and boring, so I’m just listing the more pizzazzy options.

Has anyone ever had to find creative ways to use up an over abundance of leftovers?  Does anyone have any advice for how to eat up more of this rice?

Violins & Ribs

So I was walking into my local Sprouts and they were grilling slabs of ribs for purchase. My husband and I decided to snag a half slab as we were leaving. We were about to get in our car and leave when I heard the sound of a violin. There was a man playing off to the side of the store. I was immediately reminded of this article:


So we decided to take the time, stop, and eat our freshly purchased ribs outside on a picnic table instead of rushing home.  It was extremely pleasant to eat outside, enjoy some live music, and take some time to enjoy life rather than rush through it.

Poetry Slam


Poetry Slam

This link from Upworthy of a student looking at her mother and father’s relationship to food is amazing.

I spent last night in the company of two very tiny women who made me feel my size and regret my food choices; but this video reminded me that it’s not just about being a tiny size or fitting that supermodel profile; it’s about being true to who you are. I will never be supermodel thin, even when I had a six pack I was never that tiny; it’s not in my genetics.  It’s always nice to have those reminders that it’s about fitness and living a healthy life, not just living the life that is expected of you.