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So on the Scriptnotes podcast (which you should 100% be listening to if you’re a screenwriter) they do a little segment at the end of every episode entitled “One Cool Thing.” So every week, they’re finding something cool or neat or informative in their lives and sharing it with others. It’s like Show and Tell for grownups, and it got me thinking.

Why don’t we all try to find one new cool thing every week? Why not try to dig around in this world of ours or pay a little more attention to what’s happening around us? So I’m going to start adding in a Something Neat segment as an easy way to reliably post and just find more cool things out there for myself.

So, onto today’s Something Neat:

@commontreesofla just tickles me every time I see it in my Instagram feed. It’s quite new, and doesn’t have loads of followers yet, but I love it. The creator, Stephanie (who I do not know) just wanders around the city of LA and photographs and labels the trees. So you get an explanation of the tree, how to identify it, and a neat little factoid about it. I’m basically in love with it.



Call It Rape



Margot Singer | The Normal School | 2012 | 23 minutes (5,683 words)

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Still life with man and gun

Three girls are smoking on the back porch of their high school dorm. It’s near midnight on a Saturday in early autumn, the leaves not yet fallen, the darkness thick. A man steps out of the woods. He is wearing a black ski mask, a hooded jacket, leather gloves. He has a gun. He tells the girls to follow him, that if they make a noise or run he’ll shoot. He makes them lie face down on the ground. He rapes first one and then the others. He walks away.

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