Poetry Slam


Poetry Slam

This link from Upworthy of a student looking at her mother and father’s relationship to food is amazing.

I spent last night in the company of two very tiny women who made me feel my size and regret my food choices; but this video reminded me that it’s not just about being a tiny size or fitting that supermodel profile; it’s about being true to who you are. I will never be supermodel thin, even when I had a six pack I was never that tiny; it’s not in my genetics.  It’s always nice to have those reminders that it’s about fitness and living a healthy life, not just living the life that is expected of you.


Coincidence or Kismet?

I’m sitting in the movie theater ignoring the previews and talking with my husband Ryan while we wait for “Wolf of Wall Street” to start. We’re discussing a friend’s birthday (happening today) and what we want to do regarding dinner since neither of us had heard of Benihana and didn’t know anything about it. (Did we feel like googling it on our phones, no. Guessing is more fun.) In the middle of the movie they talk about Benihana and we see where we’re going– Teppanyaki, where they chop and cook the food in front of you– very fun.  I think I was the only one in the theater who laughed aloud at the subtle joke about people going to Benihana for their birthdays.

Coincidence? or Kismet?

Yes, it’s probably coincidence that the movie mentioned a place we were going the next day and had questions about. Obviously the script and film were not created based on our pre-screening chit-chat. But it is odd that we were talking about it and the answer appeared.  I’m not sure if that’s fate or just very good timing on my part. But isn’t that really the determinant of whether you think something is coincidence or kismet, timing?  If you are running late and right before you pull your car out of the garage there is an accident, is that coincidence or fate that you’ve missed the accident?  I think more people would call that kismet, that you weren’t meant to be on time today so you could avoid that accident. If you are getting coffee from Starbucks and see a friend you are both going to call that a strange coincidence, but is it?  Maybe you’re running into one another because it’s been too long.

Why is the one coincidence and the other kismet?

Watch today and see if you find yourself saying something is happenstance and the other is meant to be, then switch the idea and see what that makes you feel.  See if you would rather everything be governed by the random or specific choices.

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