3 things

Write three interesting facts about yourself.

I hate this.  I really do.  I hate whenever you were in grade school and you had to stand up, introduce yourself, and say something interesting.  In a class I’m in now we have to list three interesting things about ourselves.  I guess so we can have something interesting to talk about when networking with others.  Maybe I just don’t think I’m that interesting, or I just don’t see the things I do as interesting, they just seem like regular things to me.  And the things I find interesting about myself aren’t necessarily bam-wow things.

My list:

Open Water Scuba Certified

Have goal of road-tripping/visiting every state in US (22 so far)

Adore puns

Ran a half marathon

Have won awards for writing research papers

Member of Natural History Museum because I love dinosaurs


My love of puns makes a lot of people roll their eyes, but it’s dynamite to me. I guess it’s good to look and reflect on what makes you more than just a sheep blob of a person, but it just makes me feel inadequate.  Like I failed at learning how to dance ballet as a kid or serves as a reminder that I’m abysmal at playing a musical instrument.

My other problem with this is that it implies that you have to do or have done certain things to be interesting.  Like you aren’t interesting if you are just a person who exists and has hopes and dreams.  I don’t know. I’m probably just over-thinking this.

What are three things about you?



Book Club Bummer

I really want to be part of a great book club.

I really do.

I’m part of a book club now, but I feel like I go every time hoping it will change and be the book club I’m imagining. It never does.

Is it too much to ask for a book club that selects good books? I understand not everyone has the same taste, and the entire reason I’m in book club is to expand my reading list, but my book club consistently chooses books I call “mom books” ie: idiotically romantic, dumbed down, or full of sappy spiritual values.*

So I’ve decided to try and find a new book club, one that reads a higher caliber of book. It’s hard to have an intelligent discussion about a book, content, or values if book club becomes a therapy session for a select few members who wish their love life matched the protagonist in the story.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on the book club; it is full of older women and they seem to enjoy what they’re reading.

I just don’t think it’s the book club for me. Hopefully next month at a new book club yields better results!

*By spiritual values I mean the sappy, lame books that are written with a transparent metaphor and illustrate God coming down like a magical bullet and solving all your problems.