The Planning Phase

For me, the hardest part of writing is what I call The Planning Phase*.

In an ideal world I would sit down and begin creating the backstory for my characters, plot the outline, revamp the outline, and flesh out my characters.  Instead I find myself procrastinating. If I have a deadline I usually wait until the last moment and dash something together and pretend I’ll revise the outline later.  I never revise the outline, I just start writing. I’ll half heartedly try to fix the outline as I go but it usually ends in a plot line full of holes and frustration where the end result is that I lament my inability (or refusal) to properly go through The Planning Phase.

Rather than actually planning out the script for a short film I am writing, I am on WordPress updating the blog, adding widgets, creating categories, and doing anything but actually planning the script.  I have a rough concept but seem content to float along with the idea rather than flesh it out.  While this has worked for other short films (10 pages fills up quickly) I’m going for a more emotive and less concrete plot with this one, and it would be better planned out than written on the fly.  Hopefully a subsequent blog post will have the outline or the characters for you**.

*Please note that it is in bold because when I see it in my mind or say it aloud it seems very large and impressive. And scary.

**Whoever you are, since I’m not sharing this blog with anyone I actually know. I just got a badge for 5+ followers, but for me this blog is about writing every day, whether anyone reads it or not. If you are reading, feel free to comment and say hi. It just seems weird to get a badge/trophy for having people follow a blog.  I didn’t realize this was a popularity contest or that I needed a badge to tell me x number of people are following.