Not Feeling the Sunshine

Ugh. My first post in what feels like months and it’s a depressor. Sometimes I think it would be easier to actually be a vampire, then when I missed out on the sun I wouldn’t feel so depressed.

Unless… All vampires are depressed because they don’t ever get Vitamin D! That’s something no one every talks about, depressed vamps. I’ve been inside editing a short film for the past few days (which means all curtains closed and infrequent human contact) and I’m starting to feel a bit surly and out of sorts.

Does this happen to anyone else? Besides vampires?

**update: The film came out great and I got some sunlight.  While I didn’t sparkle, my mood definitely lifted!

Declicous Necks


I just came from SXSW in Austin TX. If you aren’t familiar, it is a film, music, and interactive festival. There were a couple films I worked on in the festival so I was excited to go and see them premier.

One is a short USC thesis doc that premiered at the edu portion of the festival. (SXSWedu is an educational festival that happens before SXSW proper).  The other is a web series MISS MUSTARD GLADE that was sponsored by Subway (the sandwich place) and can be found on My Damn Channel; the mini web series was premiered during the festival.  I confess I ate more Subway pizzas during the fest (they gave them out for free) then I ever plan on eating again in my life!

But the picture above, and the link below, takes you to the website of my favorite movie from the festival: What We Do In the Shadows. This mockumentary was absolutely fantastic.  I honestly can’t think of any way that the film could have been better. It’s about a bunch of vamps who are flat mates and some of the events they go through.  It’s brilliant.

The director was at the screening and we had a Q&A afterwards with both the director and one of the vamps via skype.  The actor was in character and we were able to ask his vamp self questions.  The director introduced the film as a documentary, and refused to entertain any questions as if it were not factual. It was humorous to watch when certain audience members tried to ask the usual stuffy film questions and were rejected by the director.  If you get a chance to see the film, you really should check it out.  You won’t be disappointed!